Stand Up For Yourself and Your Natural Rights!

The Founders signing the Constitution of the United States; depicting George Washington, Richard Dobbs Spaight, James Wilson, and Richard Bassett.

When will you finally reclaim what is yours and stop subsiding your ideals and values to those who care nothing about your life purpose? The United States of America was founded on the premise that we humans have natural birthrights which cannot be taken away by anyone. Neither government nor private sector has the natural authority to infringe on your intrinsic prerogatives, likes, dislikes, freedom of expression, or volition to achieve worthwhile goals.

I am sick and tired of seeing conservatives and libertarians complain about this cultural, societal and economic calamity before us—as if we are powerless to stop it. The principle reason why few of us stand to resist our governments’ tyrannical legislations, our schools teaching unsophisticated education and Marxist ideology, and technology corporations dictating speech through social media censorship and shadow banning—is because of FEAR, APATHY and IGNORANCE. Not enough of us are intelligent to realize that crippling taxation, oppressive federal, state and local laws, along with communist doctrine seeping into our universities is directly proportional to whether or not we get involved.

Battling the Oppressive Culture in Your Town

I am sure many of you reading this article have tried stopping for example, a mandatory LGBT-brainwashing scheme from affecting your children in local elementary school, which you deemed inappropriate for small children. Or, you went to your local city hall countless times to stop the passing of yet another resolution that would further encroach on your freedom to express property rights at your residence (zoning approval for home additions, yard-sale permits, etc.). The ‘mob’ is always present at meetings, referring to those who vehemently resist any conservative or liberty-minded person who wants the government out of their life and personal decisions.

The complaining and apathy among libertarians, classical liberals and liberty-minded conservatives is pretty bad here in Southern California. This state is so messed up with oppressive laws and ordinances by authoritarians in Sacramento and selectmen in local municipalities, there is no wonder we refer to the Golden State as “The Peoples Republic of California” (in the sense of communist China). I does not have to be this way though.

There are multitudes of libertarian and conservative minded citizens in California who just silently go along with the tyranny—they carry their balls and chains on their ankles, placed their by the state. Truth is, however, the emperor has no clothes and there is a white elephant in the room. Basically, if we all stood up simultaneously to DEMAND hands-off our guns, the ability to choose whether to vaccinate, a lowering of gas and other taxes, etc.—it would end TOMORROW. We forget to see the forest for the trees because we are so blinded and conditioned by the status quo, that we compromise our ideologies. Enough is enough!

California76 Intelligence Agency is a Beacon of Liberty and Education

This agency is a campaign that aims to disrupt and destroy the immoral factions of society that seek to slay our freedom and render us helpless. Tyrannical regimes among all levels of government in the United States are running amok on our peace, prosperity and welfare due to authoritarians (with internal mental disorders) who rule with an iron fist. Just as the old saying goes, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely,” when sociopaths and psychopaths work their way into governing positions their lust for authority quenches their psychologically and spiritually damaged psyche.

The only reason people become authoritarian is because they are tying to fill a need within their soul that is hunting due to the lack of love as a child, problems as an adult, or both. In our legislatures, our city halls, our courthouses, and often in the White House we are dealing with sick and mentally ill people who belong in mental institutions rather than public life. They need help! Why are we allowing this madness to occur.

You Should Know About William Blackstone

William Blackstone was a famous juris in England in the 18th Century. His legal work and brilliant intellectual mind laid the foundation for American jurisprudence concerning constitutional law and the notion of rights. In fact the Constitution and Bill of Rights along with the Declaration of Independence were written by men who understood the Natural Law, thanks to Blackstone.

William Blackstone, jurist, judge, and Tory politician of England (1723 - 1780).
William Blackstone, jurist, judge, and Tory politician of England (1723 – 1780).

THIS law of nature, being co-eval with mankind and dictated by God himself, is of course superiorin obligation to any other. It is binding over all the globe, in all countries, and at all times: no human laws are of any validity, if contrary to this; and such of them as are valid derive all their force, and all their authority, mediately or immediately, from this original.

Sir William Blackstone (emphasis added)

William Blackstone points out that this “Natural Law” is supreme over any man-made laws that might exist under the sun. Today, this mindset would be RACIST because it presupposes absolute authority by an individual to NULLIFY all laws that go against his conscience. It essentially promotes individual liberty and personal sovereignty by claiming that the Highest Law comes from God via nature. To claim that a pontiff Natural Law exists, advocates moral absolutism. In contrast to moral relativism—which says that moral judgements of right and wrong are relativeto subjective views across different people and cultures—moral absolutism sees all actions as intrinsically right or wrong. Thus modernists in society today often claim that there are no absolutes, which ironically by itself is an absolute statement

My Heated Debates with Young People over Natural Rights

I have had countless discussions with many young people these days, especially here in Southern California at the Yellow Deli in Vista (a cafe owned by a destructive mind-control cult that I write about). Though I do not attend the Yellow Deli anymore for ethical reasons (as a former member over a decade ago), there are plenty of young and old people throughout this land of fruits and flakes that will pick a fight with me over philosophy when I make an offending blanket statement such that “there are moral absolutes in nature.”

Several times at the Yellow Deli in Vista I defended what I call pure capitalismas opposed to communism and socialism, which espouse collectivist views of redistribution. Speaking to a bright 23-year-old woman who recently graduated from college, the discussion became involved with much people paying attention and chiming in. Such discussions at coffee shops are few and far between due to the environments that many of them facilitate. If there is loud music playing, and patrons can not relax and chat openly, the atmosphere fosters a closing-in or inclusion among customers (such is the case in much of society). 

Other times I got into heated arguments to the point of hollering voices over gun rights, questions of racism in America, whether the Founders were racist land-owners, and womens’ rights to name a few. I was often shouted down as the minority who upheld these ‘outdated,’ old-fashioned views based on white supremacist and patriarchal ideology. I refute every single one of these claims against our traditional Western customs, and I even wrote an article about the Founders’ true sentimentwhen building this country from scratch.

The only benefit to the Yellow Deli was their atmosphere of soft, early American folk music and community-minded seating that facilitated intense conversations. However, their brainwashing propaganda of constantly evangelizing to outsiders in order to suck them into their religious extreme group (the ultimate goal of any cult), and their intolerance to individuals like me (a former member) who spoke against their doctrine of slavery, caused the negatives to outweigh the positives. Therefore, I no longer go there.

There are plenty of places in public though where I have the change to engage in intellectual discussions with people who are passionate about their views. Nonetheless, in our culture of watered-down education and dumbness amongst a population of increasingly lower IQ, it is often hard to even find someone who actually cares. We live in a society of morons and brainwashed cult victims, largely from the food that we eat and the programming we receive from professors, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the government. There is a fog of ignorance and apathy across much of America due to this unfortunately stupefied condition. We can change that though; it is time to stand up!

The Founders Were Serious About Their Freedom

In 1775, after roughly ten years of petitioning and arguing grievances with their government in England over highly oppressive taxation and acts such as quartering British troops in private homes, the settlers of the thirteen colonies took up arms against their own government. These authoritarian acts by King George III and Parliament were unconscionable. Though the settlers originally wanted to remain loyal as subjects to the Crown, they realized the spiritual implications of being obedient to such ruthless abuse. The British government was literally destroying their lives through taking their money and treated them like slaves. As people who believed in the Divine, their ultimate obedience was not to an earthly king, but to their God.

The common slogan among the churches in towns that fascinated much community interaction, was “No King but Jesus.” This phrase came from what is referred to as the Black Robe Regiment, the Christian clergymen who led much of the military struggle against Britain and influenced American independence. Thus many of these pastors were also officers who led local village militias. They played an integral role in the creation of our nation because they sparked the resistance to His Majesty’s troops at the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 1775.

American Revolution Reenactors: Continental Army chasing the British at Battle of Monmouth which occurred on June 28, 1778, New Jersey.
American Revolution Reenactors: Continental Army chasing the British at Battle of Monmouth which occurred on June 28, 1778, New Jersey.

Furthermore, the original Founders who started this country were fervent moralists. They were NOT merely selfish White-male landowners who only wanted to take advantage of Blacks and women. This insidious view is incorrect and embarrassing to say the least. Anyone who has studied history will tell you that even though slavery was wrong and needed to end, the vast majority of people in the Colonial period were honorable and virtuous. Norms and customs about the sexes were different than they are today, and women were overwhelmingly courageous as participants and leaders in society. Men knew that they could not function fully without women, and vise versa. Hence, the current social infighting among the sexes today is the creation of false dogmatic education by social engineers who seek to divide and conquer society by weakening both families and individuals. 

The family is the foundation of society, and individual men and women are interdependent of each other. For both psychological, spiritual and biological purposes, men are not completely fulfilled in life without women and vise versa. The assertions among radical feminists that men throughout history have been patriarchal control-addicts who want to subdue women for hedonistic greed is just ludicrous. Thus anyone who questions this mainstream doctrine is immediately deemed a racist bigot.

The Aggressive Radical Left of Hate and Bigotry

The radical left incites violence at university campuses and displays outrage at Americans who support the unadulterated Bill of Rights. They don’t know what true freedom is because they are too moronically ignorant to comprehend such tenets. If only their eyes could be opened to the accurate history of American heritage. Before slinging ad hominem and character attacks at everyone who cherishes their natural rights, they should realize that our forebears payed a price for the lifestyles we—and they—get to enjoy. But for the virtuous White men and women who founded our nation, these debt-ridden, domesticated communists would not have their freedom to speak out the way they do today in the United States. Anyone who does not uphold the original ideologies of constitutional law nor the tenets of inherent rights which derive from nature, is an idiot who enjoys the fruits of this Land without paying a dime.

When you have no idea what individual liberty is or the concept of free will, you will take for granted the blessings that come from our heritage. Every benefit and luxury you have was payed for with a price. Things cost money, and nothing in life comes with a free lunch. In all honesty, the young people of the left are so dumb and outrageously out of touch with reality, I do not think their movement will go far before being estopped by the common sense of the majority.

America is not lost and the Constitution is still the Supreme Law of the Land. Though our government bodies are sickened with tyrants who deprive our lives of wealth, private property, and freedom to roam freely, the purpose of this article is to instill a strong sense of awareness to what is happening. I desire to inspire courage in all who are willing to fight the good fight for our Cause. This is serious business because the future of the United States as America The Beautiful and The Land of The Free depends on our willingness to carry the torch.

I Will Not Compromise My Values or Natural Law Ideology

I am often mocked by making such statements, as if I live in another world of poetry and lofty ideas not found in reality. Truth is, those who laugh and scorn at my sentiments have no quality life for themselves. Such losers include peers of my previous law schools who went berserk over my statements concerning the ‘right to life’ by opposing abortion, or my advocacy of individual liberty to include: (1) absolute freedom to contract, (2) discriminate under the doctrine of free association, (3) support the original intent of the Second Amendment by opposing gun control and defending the ownership of military-style weapons, and (4) absolute real and intellectual property rights at the behest of excluding others at discretion.

Stand Up and Defend Your Life, Liberty and Property

For the sake of love and virtue, take a stand on your values and principles. Many reading this are fervent constitutionalists and loyal Americans to the noble Cause of Liberty. Others are trolls who oppose much of what I teach and advocate. Regardless, the good will overcome the evil when enough of us care by staking our reputations and fortunes on what we live for. The United States of America is currently plagued with a darkness of spiritual depravity in the culture, economic austerity with record consumer debt, and a government going rouge against the People, violating the sacred ideals that made us great. Donald Trump is NOT making America great again. Unfortunately, his lies are a trap that have deceived many. Though he carries out some beneficial acts, his negative and delusional intents outweigh his positive qualities.

President Trump has filled our government with a swamp deeper and muckier than before, he has raised the national debt and is constantly strengthening our reckless foreign policy of countless military bases abroad. The greed-filled agenda of the military-industrial complex, fueled by deranged Trump appointees like John Bolton, offends the sentiment of George Washington to oppose foreign entanglements. 

I make these statements to first shed light on these dismal conditions and secondly to propose rightful solutions. There is no excuse for what has happened to our country over the last two centuries. Before the Civil War, aside from slavery which rightfully ended, our monetary system and overall state of affairs were exceedingly excellent. We were affluent, prosperous and free. The United States had more wealth than the rest of the world, serving as a creditor to other nations; now however, we are a debtor nation that owes trillions elsewhere. The USA was a beacon and model for foreign governments to emulate. 

Our Constitution, built on the ideals of Natural Law from the Enlightenment, became copied to some degree as other nations saw value in free expression, the free market, and democratic elections. Though we are a republic and not a democracy, our tenets of democracy serve as the numerator in which the constitutional republic is the denominator.

The power is in our hands. Creating positive change starts with our small actions as individuals each day. The growing sentiment among true proponents of liberty for all Americans is a highly noble ideal in accordance with Natural Law. Though we are called bigots, racists and hateful for proposing our views, we are actually the moral ones who desire freedom for all by encouraging self-government, self-determination, and personal responsibility for one’s entire life. 

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