Personal Sovereignty

Personal sovereignty is a fundamental principle of Natural Law that asserts the autonomy of an individual. All people were created with inherent, inalienable rights that come not from government or the outside world, but from God. Such rights can neither be destroyed or taken away. An individual is responsible for self-governing himself according to the dictates of conscience, and can thus pursue life, liberty and happiness.

President Donald Trump speaking at 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

American Madness in The Trump Era

There is much to be said about the election of President Donald Trump in 2016. Many conservatives who voted for him, including the evangelicals, only did so because of the pathetic options they had. It was either Hillary or Trump—you choose. Do you want a president who will try taking your Second Amendment right away, …

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Femida, Goddess of Justice with scales and sword.

Sex Trafficking Lies and Police Officer Bullies (with Video)

A large number of so called sex trafficking rings go under investigation for months, before the women are “rescued” after being ARRESTED with a CRIMINAL RECORD and thrown into cages. Not what I call justice protecting the innocent. Although there are real cases of women and children forced into slave labor and abuse, a vast …

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Components of a smallpox vaccination kit including the diluent, a vial of Dryvax® smallpox vaccine, and a bifurcated needle.

I Shall Not Take Any More Vaccines

The State of California does NOT own my body. I am a sovereign citizen. I have inherent, inalienable rights which the government cannot take away because they come from my Creator. Representative Adam Schiff and all California lawmakers have no right passing laws which mandate that people take vaccines against their will. Aside from the …

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